Blastoff Finance — VOYR Partnership Extended and Improved

Farm 1:

Stake token: VOYRME-BNB Pancake-LP tokens

Farm 2:

Stake token: VOYRME

Farm 3:

Stake token: BLAST

What is VOYR ?

VOYR is a crowd-sale funded company that has given detailed attention to ensure the robustness of its business model — and a major part of this is ensuring the liquidity of its token, $VOYRME. The goal is to establish a system that is transparent, user-friendly, and has investment value.

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What is Blastoff Finance?

Blastoff Finance is on a mission to build a platform that is the one-stop-shop for DeFi and NFT solutions. Combining unique products and 3rd party integrations with added functionality Blastoff will bring you everything that DeFi has to offer in one easy-to-use platform.

Community driven

The community has full control over the Blastoff Finance platform. All things that can be changed are under the control of our governance controller and can only be accessed with community votes.

Community driven

The community will have full control over the burn, LP lock, NFT fee, and distribution fee.

RFI Static rewards

Currently, every transaction 2% of the fees are redistributed to our holders using static reflection, as passive rewards. Your Blastoff will keep growing!

Dev team tokens locked

The team tokens are locked and vested over a 120 day period. The marketing funds are only accessible with a community vote.

Automated burn and LP lock

Currently every transaction, 5% will be locked as liquidity and 2% will be burned.

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