Blastoff Finance — NFTmall partnership

Farm 1:

Stake token: BLAST

Farm 2:

Stake token: GEM

Farm 3:

Stake token: GEM

What is NFTmall?

NFTmall is the World’s First Creator-Centric, DeFi-Powered, Multichain-Operational, Physically-Redeemable NFT marketplace. You can create your own NFT’s, list NFT collection, buy and sell NFT or even redeem NFT’s linked to items in real life.

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What is Blastoff Finance?

Blastoff Finance combines innovative DeFi and NFT solutions to generate yields for our users. Blastoff launched with 2 liquidity farms and NFT’s that will have profit sharing and give you special rights on the Blastoff Finance platform. Now Blastoff is expanding and doing partnerships to launch more farms all the time and soon will start with extra DeFi products like Battle of the Hodlers, Fractional NFT’s, Deligated staking, and much more.

Community driven

The community has full control over the Blastoff Finance platform. All things that can be changed are under the control of our governance controller and can only be accessed with community votes.

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